Steve’s Marathon Challenge

About 10 years ago I trained for a marathon and got injured a month from the race date. In 2019 I signed up for a half Ironman which was postponed. The same happened in 2021! Perhaps I’m destined to fail but I’m trying again…!

A few months ago I began training for the Newport Marathon and on Sunday 24 October I plan to run 26.2 miles to raise money for a project I really care about…

The last year and a half have been such a challenging time for everyone. We have grieved the loss of people known to us and the activities that sustain us. But amongst it all we have seen little glimpses of hope and positivity. A collective spirit and neighbourliness that has brought joy and held us together in difficult times.

I really want to see the DLCA community centre become a space for people to ‘belong’ as we begin to emerge into a new way of life, a brilliant resource in bringing people together and building community.

The building needs a lot of work to renovate it and make it as accessible as possible for as wide a group of people as possible. I’m looking to raise money to help fund the renovation works at the centre.

I’d love it if you could support this important work and my slightly crazy attempt at running a marathon!

Charitable Objectives

The key things which drive why we do what we do…

Promote Wellbeing

To promote the wellbeing of residents, without distinction, in the Stirchley/Hazelwell/Kings Heath area of Birmingham.

Build Community

To work with others to improve all aspects of life (social, mental, physical, spiritual and educational) and to foster community spirit for the achievement of these and other charitable objects.

Create Space

To operate a community facility in furtherance of the charitable objects.

Renovation Project

We’re a community building with community projects for the community by the community.
(It’s about ‘community’… you get the picture.)

We are currently involved in an ambitious renovation project to bring the centre back into use.

For this we need money and people. Can you help?

Meet some amazing volunteers!

Whether you’ve got a few hours or a few days, we can find something for you to do.

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