Can you help build community?


We are so excited about all that lies ahead for this brilliant community space in Birmingham. There is a real ‘buzz’ about the new café and renovated community centre. We can’t wait to invite people in and to start to create a space by the community for the community.

“We want the house and garden to be a place where people of all ages feel welcome, and gain a sense of belonging and purpose. A place to ‘breathe’ and make time for one another in a world which can feel stressful and a bit lonely at times.”

This giving page is for people who specifically want to donate towards the management of this project. Getting the building open takes time and skills. We plan for community volunteers to be at the centre of keeping the place running, but recognise that there is a need for oversight and ensuring that the place stays safe and manageable. We’d love for you to consider giving in this way…

Steve Squires – Chair of Trustees

Charitable Objectives

The key things which drive why we do what we do…

Promote Wellbeing

To promote the wellbeing of residents, without distinction, in the Stirchley/Hazelwell/Kings Heath area of Birmingham.

Build Community

To work with others to improve all aspects of life (social, mental, physical, spiritual and educational) and to foster community spirit for the achievement of these and other charitable objects.

Create Space

To operate a community facility in furtherance of the charitable objects.

Renovation Project

We’re a community building with community projects for the community by the community.
(It’s about ‘community’… you get the picture.)

We are currently involved in an ambitious renovation project to bring the centre back into use.

For this we need money and people. Can you help?

Meet some amazing volunteers!

Whether you’ve got a few hours or a few days, we can find something for you to do.

Volunteer Montage 2